asbestos-inspectionsSherlock has a diploma in OHS and is fully accredited as an asbestos assessor. The Asbestos inspection report is carried out to determine the presence of asbestos within the property.
Sherlock will take samples from materials they believe may contain asbestos. The samples will be sent to a NATA approved laboratory for testing and a report of their findings will be included.


Asbestos Assessor Licence # A120923

Sherlock can conduct a full management plan for your business to comply with the regulations of managing asbestos in the work place.

Sherlock will provide you with an up to date register of the asbestos in your business or work place with details of the location and the condition of the asbestos.

Sherlock can conduct a thorough audit in the areas you are concerned with. The audit can range from a single sheet in your home or up to an entire workplace/factory. We will identify the areas by taking samples whilst complying with all OH & S regulations then supply you with a report.

Asbestos Clearance Certificates need to be carried out by an independent party not by the Removal Company employed to remove the asbestos. The Certificate requires an inspection to determine if all asbestos has been removed from the site. Sherlock can thoroughly inspect the area to ascertain if all asbestos has been removed. If all of the asbestos has been removed Sherlock will issue a Clearance Certificate.