A visual building inspection report will provide a description of the property and report on any damage/issues and any conditions which if not addressed may cause further damage in the future. The inspector will also comment on general defects to the secondary and finishing elements of the property.

The inspector may also recommend you seek further advice from an appropriate trade professional regarding defects which are outside of the inspector’s area of expertise. These should be followed up prior to purchasing the property.

Please note a building inspection report is not a maintenance report.

Buying a new home
Sherlock will inspect your home to the high standard that you would expect. We will access all areas of your property within the OHS guidelines and accessibility standards. We encourage you to be present at the inspections and are more than happy to talk with you after you recieve the report.

Selling your Home
Sherlock will inspect your home and advise you on any defects or potential issues that need addressing prior to selling your property.

Let us help look after your investment

Ensure your investment is in good condition and being maintained. Sherlock will report on any potential or actual defects in the inspection such as termite or water/moisture issues but not limited too. Methamphetamine usage is a real issue in today’s society and many individuals are unaware that exposure can be potentially harmful. We can test to determine if your property has been exposed to Methamphetamine and what your next step would be. Ideally, performing Methamphetamine testing prior to renting your investment property and when tenants are exiting will help you protect your asset into the future. Sherlock will work with you to ensure your investment is cared for.

When going into business
If you’re buying a factory or offices, it’s just as important to know of any potential issues. Sherlock will inspect your commercial property and inform you of any defects or pest problems.