From 2015 all Queensland pool owners are required by law to register their pools on the state register. The office staff when booking in your inspection will ask if the pool is registered. If your pool is not registered then simply go to the QBCC website below and follow the directions…

  • Are there are any exemptions in place for the safety barrier on the pool register?
  • Are any unrestrained dogs on the property?
  • How many pools or spas do you have?
  • Does your pool barrier/fencing border a neighbouring property?

When performing the inspection the inspector will;

  • Photograph the site from all angles prior to the inspection.
  • Measure and test the pool gates, boundary fences and barriers using a measuring tape and a Force Gauge to check that the pressure of (250N & 330N) is present as stated by the Pool Safety Act and Regulation.
  • Advise you (the pool owner), of all (if any), safety issues including any solutions that you need to ensure your pool complies.

If the pool is found to be non-compliant, we will issue you a Form 26. You then have 3 months to rectify the issues and have the pool re-inspected by us.

Please note: Whilst all care is taken when testing a pool barrier fence, the fence may break if in poor condition and would need to be repaired or replaced to conform to the Pool Safety and Regulations Act before commencing the re-inspection at the owners cost.

The Sherlock Service!

Sherlock will perform a thorough inspection and assessment of the pool, particularly checking the fences and gates to make sure they meet the current safety standards. We will also check other related areas in and around the pool area, such as any trees, retaining walls, panels, pavement, balcony, children’s equipment, and windows but not limited too the pool. We can also supply a CPR Chart if required

If the pool area and the surrounds comply with the current safety standards, we will issue the Safety Certificate within 24hrs of the inspection.

Compliant Pool Area Photos

Non-Compliant Pool Area Photos