• Do I have a fence separating my pool from my neighbours?
  • Is the outside of my pool fence at least 1.2 metres high all the way around the pool?
  • Does my fence have restricting access from my house to my pool?
  • All near vertical or vertical fence uprights are no more than 100mm apart – you should not be able to squeeze the vertical bars together to enable the bars to be less than a100mm gap.
  • Are all fence panels secure and no have no loose fittings?
  • Is the bottom of my pool fence no more than 100 mm above my horizontal fence rails?
  • Are all near horizontal and horizontal fence rails no less than 900 mm apart?
  • Is my pool fence no less than 900 mm away from any objects that could potentially allow a child to climb over the fence? Must not be compromised by any objects that offer hand or footholds ie: downpipe
  • brackets, pot plants, kids toys, tree, furniture, rocks etc?
  • Where a pool fence intersects another fence is there an additional 900mm clear zone?
  • Is my pool fence well maintained? Are there holes or broken posts?


  • Does my pool gate close by itself from any position on the first attempt?
  • Are the hinges less than 900mm apart?
  • Is there a maximum of 10mm between the gate and the gate posts?
  • Does my pool gate open away from the pool?
  • Is the gap between the bottom of the gate and the ground level less than 100mm?
  • Do I have a latch release which is no less than 1.5 metres above the ground level? Or is it covered ie: glass gate with the latch 150mm below the top of the gate or access hole?
  • Is there a CPR Chart on display within visual distance from 3 points in the pool area?


  • Install fixed security screens on windows that open into the pool enclosure.


This checklist is for your personal use only and is in no way a substitute for an Inspection by a licensed Pool Safety Inspector.