Sherlock will carry out an inspection to identify defects, bad workmanship and poorly finished work on your new home before you take procession. We will supply you with a list of defects you can take to your builder.

Had renovations poorly done on your home? If you are concerned about the quality of work carried out on your home Sherlock can inspect this work and provide you with a report that specifies the defected workmanship/materials.

This type of report is ideal when there are some large projects or road works being carried out near your property. We conduct a report on your property before and then after the project is completed in order to measure if any dilapidation has occurred. If there is dilapidation you may be entitled to recompense.

Sherlock can inspect small items too such as fences and retaining walls.

Do you have moisture problems? Sherlock can use a moisture meter and thermal imaging to detect moisture from leaks on your property and provide you with a report.

Building Defect Photos


Moisture Leaks

Handover Reports – Sample Inspection Photos

Dilapidation Reports

Retaining Walls & Fences