Hi Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for the inspection you did on the purchase of our new home. As you had done previous work for me, i knew when i couldnā€™t make the inspection i could fully trust my home was in great hands thanks again ….

See you next time we buy !


As a real estate agent I often get asked who I would recommend for a thorough building and pest pre purchase inspection, I have no hesitation in telling them that Mark Ellis is the one I would use. He is very down to earth, thorough and pleasant to deal with. He explains things in a way in which everyone can understand and seems to have a very thorough knowledge of the whole industry. As a female agent, I sometimes get treated as if I would know nothing when it comes to building and some of my female buyers suffer the same treatment from some inspectors however Mark treats everyone with the same level of respect and understanding. He is also extremely punctual which counts for a lot in my business. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark for inspections.

Jess – Real Estate Sales Consultant

Our house was over-run with ants, and we had Sherlock come and carry out an inspection, happily it was not termites, just extremely annoying little black ants. After a very efficient inspection and a spray programme that didn’t break the bank, the ants have gone. We would certainly recommend Sherlock to anyone.

C Conroy

SHERLOCK… You have to use these guys!

I had them do a house inspection, good firm quote, turned up ON TIME! quick efficient survey, and the report was in my hand within 24 hours.

I won’t use anyone else other than SHERLOCK for this type of work in the future.